Masters in Arizona Residential Real Estate & Property Management

Eileen Stewart

After earning my license in the early 1980’s, I had a great time selling Phoenix area real estate…when the interest rate was about 18%. I guess I did not know any better – I sold houses while the agents that have been in business for years looked at me like there was something wrong with me! I have a knack for bringing the right buyers and sellers together. I still love this kind of work! That’s why I continue working for Desert Masters Realty and for Kimberly Ayers (my daughter), the Designated Broker.
Professional Background
  • Earned real estate license in 1982.
  • Worked for Century 21 for a total of 24 years.
  • Served Century 21 as Designated Broker and Managing Broker for 15 Years.
  • Partnered with Kimberly Ayers to start Montaña Vista Realty in 2007.
  • Montaña Vista Realty became Desert Masters Realty in 2011.
About Me
I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I attended Cosmetology School and opened my own salon. I ran that salon for about 13 years before moving to Arizona in 1972 with my husband and beautiful daughter (Kimberly Ayers – “The Broker”!). Once we got settled, I opened a hair salon on Camelback Rd. and Osborn which I ran for 2 years.Although I loved being in the salon business, I was ready for something new. I began working for Morrell Meat Company as a sales rep. I called on military bases and grocery stores all over the valley. I really got to know my way around Phoenix! Next I worked with a supplier for nurseries and was able to travel to nurseries in Phoenix, El Paso, New Mexico, and California. As much as I enjoyed the travel, after awhile I missed being home with my family so I looked for a position closer to home. Next, I worked for Mobile Oil managing a gas station / grocery mart in Tempe. I stayed there until 1982 when I decided to go to real estate school. I’ve been selling real estate ever since…